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Top Design: Durkan Reaches New Heights With Todd Oldham

TODD Series of Carpeting Debuts at HD Expo 2008

Las Vegas, NV - From fashion to furniture to film and florals, American Designer Todd Oldham has touched and mastered virtually every element of design. In his latest endeavor, Oldham turns his creative eye to carpet, collaborating with Durkan to produce a series of flexible, versatile floor coverings that are sure to infuse hospitality interiors with warmth and vitality. Durkan unveils the first print collections of the aptly named TODD (Todd Oldham Designs Durkan) series at the HD Expo and Conference (HD Expo) in Las Vegas, May 15-17 (Booth # 3210).

"Over the past 20 years, Todd continues to prove he can turn seemingly ordinary products and projects into inspired designs that are accessible to all," said Lee Blair, senior vice president, Durkan. "We are honored to team with Todd to offer our customers a series of carpet that is not only on the leading edge of design, but more importantly, addresses their varied and evolving needs."

The blend of Oldham's design ingenuity and Durkan's advanced engineering translates into the TODD series of versatile designs. The Haberdashery, Facets and Concentrics Collections debuting at HD Expo will be followed by a fourth Collection called Metropolis slated to launch Summer 2008. The Collections vary conceptually, yet share a distinct commonality, each providing wide-ranging pattern options that allow designers to find the right solution to carpet every inch of their hospitality space.

"As a designer and customer, I understand the unique way carpet serves as a cohesive element to bring together a space," said Oldham. "When I joined the Durkan team to develop this series, my goal was to take designs that have become part of the public domain and give them a fresh spin while maintaining their integrity to ensure practicality for all types of customers."

Carpeting to the Nines

With roots as an award-winning New York City fashion designer, a role as former host of "Todd Time" on MTV's House of Style, and recurrent positions as the Creative Design Director for Old Navy, fashion has long been a passion for Oldham. In the Haberdashery Collection, he pays tribute to enduring styles of menswear.

"Fashion trends come and go, but there are certain design elements that will never go out style," adds Oldham. "With Haberdashery, we turn these designs on their ears to create a new, unexpected grouping of styles to dress a space."

Taking on the role of haberdasher – a term defining a merchant of men's clothing – Oldham experiments with colors, scale and pattern directions to update the classics including argyle, corduroy, plaid, herringbone, houndstooth, tie and checks. The 18 patterns of the Collection form the basis of a complete hospitality wardrobe: one rug element, one medallion, 12 broadloom patterns, one design border and three cove base patterns.

Adding a Little Sparkle

No outfit is complete without accessories. TODD's Facets Collection proves a little sparkle is a necessary accessory to enliven hospitality interiors. To create Facets' dazzling line, Oldham plays with two binding elements of charm:

  • Jewels – add an element of luxury. One of the large jewel patterns could serve as a stunning centerpiece in a ballroom or entranceway, while a floated jewel pattern could grace a casino floor. In another pattern, Oldham creates a striking floral look using jewel face designs.
  • Chains – bring distinction while also serving as a cohesive component to link the patterns of the Collection. In some patterns, Oldham layers chain designs on top of one another for added depth.

Whether specifying for a flashy Las Vegas casino or a smaller quaint luxury hotel, designers can find just the right accessory in Facets' 21 patterns. The Collection is available in one rug element, two medallions, 12 broadloom patterns, two design borders, one corridor runner and three cove base patterns.

In contrast to fine jewelry, the Facets Collection doesn't have to cost a fortune. With several Collections, including Facets, Oldham experiments with ghosted patterns where he subtly highlights designs with texture or shades of color. These accents effectively and cost-efficiently bring an added richness and dimension to the designs that might have previously only been achieved in woven carpet.

Creating Concentrics

With its classic, clean style, the concentric square motif resonates with many audiences. Oldham reinvents this design staple, in the Concentrics base grade, creating a cacophony of choices that can be easily coordinated.

Experimenting with scale and turning the design elements in different angles, Oldham takes concentric squares in a new direction that can be appreciated and enjoyed by designers looking to achieve any style – from modern contemporary to rustic. For example, a designer who desires a traditional aesthetic could choose one of the smaller scale patterns in a neutral color, while another designer could just as easily create a vibrant woven art deco look by piecing together several patterns.

Concentrics is available in 21 patterns: one rug element, one medallion, 10 broadloom patterns, four design borders, one corridor runner and four base cove patterns. Durability was top of mind in the creation of Concentrics as Oldham and the Durkan design team sought to create carpet that would last as long as its concentric-inspired designs.

"Often when you're working with clean lines, the pattern can start to appear worn over time," said Oldham. "By adding ghosted patterns and shadows behind the concentric squares, we give them a slightly distressed look. The result is a design that maintains its beauty year after year."

Giving a Choice

All of the Collections in Durkan's TODD series offer versatility combined with durable performance across a variety of settings. The Collections provide ample flexibility to mix and match patterns for endless design possibilities that create a unified aesthetic throughout a facility – from entryways and lobbies to corridors and guestrooms. Designers can choose from any of the Collections' standard palettes or create their own unique aesthetic using Durkan's custom coloring capabilities. Featuring a menu of colors, styles, technologies and construction options, this custom program provides continuous design possibilities to complement a broad base of budgets and applications.

TODD products can be available with Colorshield, Durkan's stain-resistant technology, and a variety of backings and attached cushions such as Duralon Attached Cushion. Providing dense cushioning and appearance retention for printed carpet, Duralon Attached Cushion can enhance carpet performance and installation flexibility. Continuing The Mohawk Group's longstanding dedication to sustainability, TODD products are CRI Green Label Plus certified, and recommended adhesives meet the most stringent rules for VOC emissions.

Designer Biography:

Todd Oldham is a well-known designer whose career spans more than 20 years. Distinguished as an innovator of accessible design, he is the founder of Todd Oldham Studio, a multifaceted, full-service design studio.

Originally a New York fashion designer and the host of "Todd Time" on MTV's House of Style, Todd's career has evolved to include all areas of design, from interior design, film and photography, to furniture, graphic art, and a collection of floral designs for Todd is the author of Hand Made Modern, and has hosted HGTV's "Hand Made Modern" series of specials. In 2002 and 2003 Todd designed his own line of dorm room furnishings for Target.

With roots as an award-winning New York City fashion designer, a role as former host of "Todd Time" on MTV's House of Style, and recurrent positions as the Creative Design Director for Old Navy, fashion has long been a passion for Oldham. In the Haberdashery Collection, he pays tribute to enduring styles of menswear./p>

Todd makes regular appearances on NBC's "Today Show" and is currently on "Top Design," Bravo's newest reality competition series spotlighting interior design. He designed The Hotel in South Beach as well as Enoteca Spiaggia, a restaurant collaboration with James Beard award-winning Chef Tony Mantuano, to open in South Beach in 2008. Other projects include a 400-page monograph on the life's work of artist Charley Harper published by AMMO BOOKS. In October 2007, Todd became the Creative Design Director for Old Navy.


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